I equip parents with the tools they need to raise resilient, lifelong learners.

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Hi! I’m Alanna, the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive.™

I’m a former teacher and proud mom of four.

After spending a decade working in a broken education system, I began to recognize that many of my students’ challenges, like a lack of motivation and self-actualization, could be traced back to their early childhood experiences. This realization sparked my passion for delving deeper into child development.

However, becoming a mother myself truly ignited my drive to understand what it takes to raise children who are happy, self-motivated, kind, determined, and independent.

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Play. Learn. Thrive. was founded as a brand, but it is truly a way of life. My six-pillar approach to parenting fosters the natural progression of child development. It will make you a more confident parent and equip you with the tools you need to raise resilient, lifelong learners.

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Play. Learn. Thrive.™ with Alanna Gallo

Together we’ll slow down, stop rushing our kids through life and raise lifelong learners who will become confident and independent adults. 

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Join our transformative parenting mentorship program and embark on a journey that empowers you to raise thriving children in the digital age.

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